Lifestyle: Bingara Gorge


22% of the total Bingara Gorge’s population engaged in different businesses. The same percentage of people’s occupation is manufacturing. 11% people do education & training jobs. The main attraction near Bingara Gorge is Dharawal National Park at Appin. People love to spend time with the walking and bike tracks, waterfalls and rock pools. Battlefun Laser Skirmish is another attraction near Bingara Gorge  at Appin. It’s the ultimate laser combat adventure game designed to get the adrenaline pumping, will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Other attractions near Bingara Gorge  includes St Mark the Evangelist Anglican Church, Hume and Hovell Monument, Cataract Dam, Broughton Pass, St Bedes Catholic Church, Symbio Wildlife Park and Wollongong Botanic Garden.

Dining and Take away

Tahmoor and Picton NSW are very popular among Bingara Gorge  locals for the dinning and take away option. Remembrance Driveway, Tahmoor is only a 10 min drive from Bingara Gorge . Jack & Royal Thai Restaurant, The Lucky Chinese Restaurant, Scotties Pizza and Indys Indian Restaurant are popular at Remembrance Driveway Tahmoor. There are a number of dining and takeaway options in Appin, a 5 min drive from Bingara Gorge .  Appin Motel & Restaurant, Skippy Food Bar, Sublime Point Lookout and Pizza George are the best in the town. Chedo’s Cafe and Restaurant, Fireworks Cafe, Camden Valley Inn, Austi Beach Cafe, and Enzo’s Cucina are the top rated restaurants near Bingara Gorge .


Bingara Gorge  Fresh Fruit & Veg at Camden Street is a produce market were fresh groceries are available. Tahmoor Town Centre Shopping Mall at Remembrance Driveway is very popular to Bingara Gorge  locals. Other shopping options near Bingara Gorge  include Woolworths Tahmoor, Target Clothing Store at Picton, ALDI Supermarket Tahmoor and Picton Shopping Mall.